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‘kismet’ — a Turkish word for ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ — is a weekly-ish multi-media space housed here on Substack born from the idea that life is a mystery and no one knows their fate: kismet at every twist and turn.

This is a collection of authentic, inspiring real-life stories viewed through the lens of spirituality, psychology, mythology and the true nature of everything in life: love, truth, beauty, and freedom.

In an attempt to bridge the tangible and intangible worlds we weave our way through, I invite you to join me.

Who is the writer?

I’m Vienda. I’ve had the most extraordinary, bohemian, zig-zagging life. Very early on I figured out that the ordinary path didn’t work for me. Evidently, that has led to an unconventional, rich, big, beautiful journey that has and continues to inform me and my work.

Over the past 8 years, I have written articles (over 700 — here are 100 of my readers’ favourites) and mentored hundreds of women (and a handful of men) built on my background in psychology — with a deep love for using self-awareness to inform the landscape of life.

I’ve always loved writing, and with the blogging and online platforms ever-shifting and changing, I want to honour my art and words and create space to deepen my offerings to the world by offering them in a subscriber-only space.

Accordingly, ‘kismet’ was born.


Subscribing allows me to write as the major source of funds in my life, which means I can keep doing it while remaining truly independent. I cannot tell you how indispensable truly independent voices are right now, and even if you don’t support mine, I hope you’ll support others.

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As a writer, nothing is more meaningful than when people share my words. If. I have written something that has touched your heart or changed your perspective on something, even for a moment, please share ‘kismet’ with your friends.

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true-life stories from a woman with one foot on earth & the other in the cosmos


hi! 👋🏽 my friends call me Vienda ~ like ‘vienna’ but with a ‘d’. Writer, psychology-educated mentor and pragmatic dreamer. Let me take you on a heart-opening journey.