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in Namibia we drive (+ 12-min December vlog)

what is your idea of perfect happiness?

the millennial crisis

in my soft era...

something will happen

a 28-step guide to heartbreak 💔

13 films & series to watch this holiday season 🍂

we were not made for this world

the rules of reinvention


reprogram your toxic habits

do you need that?


a woman's worth

the spirit of modern life is a banshee screaming

what we are is love wanting to experience itself

the medicine of opposites

sexual healing

The September Edit

moving and changing places

curiouser and curiouser

and just like that...

pursuing ‘love’ in the name of wholeness

a birthday to forget

a state of perpetual flux

everything I know about how to write...

I need to remember what I am.

5 things...

a sweet love...

let go of control: body leads, mind follows

keep your secrets, secret

everything all at once

turn the tap on

where have all the grown-ups gone?

wave after wave after wave...

a sweet ode to chivalry

goodbye Mallorca

truth: your life can start now

beauty: what will we tell our daughters?

go, do, eat guide: Mallorca

shoulder to shoulder with friends and strangers

freedom: the original state of the soul

beauty: my 'do-it-with-me' skin-saving face rejuvenating facial massage ritual

truth: sisterhood wounds, rigged systems, integrity, duplicity, betrayal, professional failures and a new way forward

love: 30 films from 2020 to 2023 I've watched and loved; & 13 films I'm looking forward to seeing next...

under mysterious circumstances...

Rome at Christmas